Cornwall, England Top 6 Must See Things To Do

Cornwall, England is one of the most beautiful locations! And, with such a long and vibrant history, there is always plenty of MUST SEE and MUST DO in Cornwall!

Before we get into the 6 BEST Places to Visit in Cornwall UK, why is Cornwall such a great place?

I am going to answer some questions that will make your decision to visit this lovely place even EASIER!

Enjoy the gorgeous scenery and amazing locations in this post! I hope it will inspire your inner wanderlust and future travels to the beautiful land of Cornwall England!

Where is Cornwall, England?

Cornwall is located in the westernmost part of Great Britain’s Southwest Peninsula. With its nearly 697-kilometre coastline, it has become one of the best beach holiday locations in all of UK!

Recognized locally as a Celtic nation, Cornwall has a very long history. And with that history, locals are not simply considered British but Cornish, symbolizing their strong connection to this incredible land.

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What Can You Do in Cornwall for Free?

With its rich landscape and beautiful beaches, most of the best places you will visit in Cornwall England are abso-bloody-lutely FREE!

You can take walks along the beautiful beaches in Newquay, hike the cliffs in Penzance, and stroll the busy holiday center of St. Ives. Each Location is unique to itself and well worth the visit.

You will want to pick up many souvenirs and the delicious local eats, which will cost you a few pounds. But most of the actual places you visit here will be free to you and perfect for budget friendly traveling.

Where is the Prettiest Place in Cornwall?

Can I say, everywhere in Cornwall is the prettiest?? Ok, fine, I’ll narrow it down!

The top 6 locations in this article are: St. Ives, Newquay, St. Austell, Penzance, Falmouth, and Bude. 

These locations are definitely some of the most beautiful, and yes “Prettiest”, places in Cornwall to visit. But while you are there, please do make time for yourself and your family to see as much of this incredible area as you can!

Where Can You go Today in Cornwall?

All of these beautiful 6 top locations in Cornwall, England are perfect for families, couples, or just adults.

Best things to do in Cornwall for families:

– St. Ives, with its large tourist areas and family-based attractions.

– Newquay, with its exceptional outdoor activities, fun for all ages.

– Bude, with its lovely colorful beach huts and beach-time atmosphere.

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Best things to do in Cornwall for couples:

– St. Austell, with is lush gardens and the Eden Sessions which is a huge rock and pop concert venue hosted in the summertime.

– Penzance, with its beautiful cliffs and hiking trails high above the coastal beaches.

Best things to do in Cornwall for adults:

– Falmouth, basically a one-stop-shop with its boat tours, hiking trails, gardens, museums, and historical sites.

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#1. St. Ives

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Once a quaint fishing harbour, this beautiful beach town now, in more modern times, is host to many of England’s loveliest resorts. St. Ives has a long history of fishing heritage and the harbour is dotted with brightly coloured fishing vessels still today.

There are many old shops and inns to explore, too!

St. Ives is additionally well known for its artistic appeal as, in the 1930’s, it became an artists’ colony.

Other must-see places in St. Ives, Cornwall: The Barbara Hepworth Sculpture Garden, the Tate Museum, and many independent art galleries.

What a beautiful town!

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#2. Newquay

If you enjoy the outdoors or amazing natural scenery, you will LOVE Newquay!

Just looking at this lovely photo! You’d think you were somewhere in the Mediterranean!

This incredible location is best known by the surfers of the world as it serves as surf central for the UK and has 6 beautiful beaches for which to visit. Also host to calm bay waters perfect for kayaking, canoeing, and for the little ones!

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Other mentionable attractions here in Newquay are taking a lovely steam train ride, visiting the sweet animals at the Dairyland Farm World, or staying at the Elizabethan Trerice House.

#3. St. Austell

Home to the Lost Gardens of Heligan, St. Austell is a beautiful place to visit for any flower or plant enthusiast!

There are two incredible botanical geodesic biomes in St. Austell. One holding rainforest plants and the other made to imitate a Mediterranean environment.

Also, around summertime, you can experience the Eden Sessions, concerts hosting big names in rock and pop, here! It is definitely worthwhile to visit along the way through your Cornwall, England tour.

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#4. Penzance

This beautiful town holds the location for the most westerly place in Cornwall, suitable for many maritime visitors.

Penzance also possesses one of the most beautiful ports built using Georgian architecture and granite regency.

This lovely town has many subtropical gardens to visit including: Tanglewood, Morrab, Trengwainton, and the National Dahlia Collection.

Additional places you must see here are the Egyptian House for the 1830’s on Chapel Street and the Minack Theatre, built in the 1930’s.

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#5. Falmouth

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Another beautiful harbour town, Falmouth stands out from the rest by hosting the third-deepest natural harbour in the world!

Also found here is the Fal River estuary which, if you are traveling in from the harbour, you will be led right into.

Falmouth is known for its incredible hiking locations and, when on the water in a boat, you can travel from village to village at your leisure.

Don’t miss out on the National Maritime Museum, the unforgettable Trebah Garden, seemingly endless beaches and shops, as well as the Pendennis Castle which was once one of Henry VIII’s fortresses.

Falmouth, like most of Cornwall, is a must visit place hosting many locations that will provide you with memories for a lifetime!

#6. Bude

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Bude is home to visions of the Celtic Sea and is located far north within Cornwall.

Known for its incredible beaches specked with colourfully painted beach huts.

The Bude Sea Pool is the perfect place for swimming in the calming salty sea waters and close by are the highest cliffs in all of Cornwall.

Due to the lovely cliffs, many hikers and climbers adore this location that possess unique geological features.

There you have it! The Top 6 Must See Things to Do in Cornwall, England!

I hope this article helps you plan your next trip with the family, your lovely companion, or just for you!

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